Empowering the women
who need it most.

Welcome to Delta Sewcial, your Toronto-based non-profit oasis for empowering the hearts of underprivileged women. Join us on our quest to change lives—one stitch at a time!
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Welcome to the Delta Family platform, a dedicated initiative aimed at providing support to marginalized women facing barriers in accessing employment opportunities. Many of these women are refugees, having escaped war, conflict, violence, and persecution in their home countries. These traumatic experiences have led to social and psychological disruptions, resultingin their isolation from mainstream society. We recognize the unique challenges they face and are committed to offering them a pathway towards empowerment and self-sufficiency.

How Delta Sewcial came to be

Welcome to Delta Sewcial, an inspired extension of the Delta Family Sewing Hub. Our story began with a simple idea: to build upon the success of the Delta Family Sewing Hub and its transformative sewing training programs for marginalized women.

At the core of the Delta Family Sewing Hub's accomplishments is a commitment to empowering individuals. With dedicated instructors and a supportive community, we've been able to make a meaningful difference in the lives of marginalized women by enhancing their sewing skills.

Delta Sewcial marks not just a transition, but a progression that retains the core principles of our beginnings. Our mission is to provide a platform where dreams are stitched together and empowerment is woven into every aspect of our work.

Join us in this exciting chapter of growth, impact, and positive change. Delta Sewcial - where creativity knows no bounds and empowerment knows no limits.

Values of Delta Sewcial


Unlocking potential with engaging programs

Delta family supports marginalized women who lack qualifications needed for finding employment.

Tailored experiences for every woman’s journey

We understand the difficulties these women face. With three different programs, we can better expand our efforts.

Bridging the gap with skill building and employment

Through this we provide structured, vocational training and employment for these women, growing their skills along the way.

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